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I am often trying out new products ... Particularly pouches. I try a range, find one I like and stick with it for a while then I find out about some other new or improved product so give that a go. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Ostomy companies are generally happy to give out free samples in the hope that they will get your custom... It's like any business....
Up until now I have researched and tried out products off my back because I wanted to, there has only been personal reasons for this, I have begun to post short feedback on the website as I feel this might help others. Back in April I received an email from a lady, Mathilde, from Coloplast in Denmark who had read the "Toilets, trees and other things" post that was shared on the Ostomyland website. Mathilde asked if I would be interested in in reviewing Coloplast's Brava Lubricating Deodorant. Mathilde explained that this product helps to eliminate the odour from ostomy pouches, as well as preventing a build up of output around the Stoma to prevent leakage. It sounded like a great product ... Almost too good to be true so I agreed to try the product. It took Coloplast about 6 weeks and several emails to actually get the product to me but eventually I received samples of the Brava lubricating Deodorant as well as Brava moisturising barrier cream and Brava Strip paste. Bizarrely there seemed to be no consistency in the sample sizes .... I received 4 7ml sachets of the deodorant, a full size tube of the cream and 44 packs of strip paste!
I figured it was best to try only one product at a time so started with the Lubricating Deodorant. I found it hard doing a trial with the sachets. The instructions say that you should use 1 sachet each time ... In reality, and Mathilde gave me this advice as did Jason from Ostomyland in his review, you only need a few drops. A sachet therefore lasts a while, but once open they are hard to store! I did use the product when I could at home. I spread out using the sachets to see if I could notice a difference between when I used the deodorant and when I didn't. initially I didn't really notice much difference between the days when I used the sachets and days when I didn't. However I did begin to notice less of an odour... Enough to ask my suppliers to include a bottle in my next delivery. I felt that I really needed more of the product to try.
Once the bottle arrived I was able to do a consistent trial of the product, using it every time I emptied my pouch. There was a noticeable difference in the odour.... Even fish didn't smell so bad! The real turning point for this product was when I had to pack the bottle in a suitcase for travel on a plane to our holiday. I didn't use the deodorant for 24 hours! Only then did I and my us band realise how effective the deodorant is at doing exactly what it says .....neutralising odour.
I love this product! It really does what it says it does ..... Neutralises odour. I am much less self-conscious now about emptying in public toilets, am much more willing to eat fish (which I had tended to avoid due to the overpowering odour) and get less moans from my husband in the middle of the night!
The Brava Neutralising Deodorant is now part of my regular supplies order. It is one of my essential accessories. Very few products in my opinion do exactly what the manufacturer says they do however I do believe that Coloplast have done a good job with this and I for one will be sticking with this!

 If you want to find out more about this product or try it for yourself then follow the link below to the Coloplast website: Brava Lubricating Deodorant

Although I am not a big fan of barrier creams as I find they seem to make me more prone to leaks, I do like the moisturising barrier cream that Coloplast also sent me. I use it as a moisturising cream when my skin is sore. I leave it on for a short time, then use my normal barrier wipe to remove any excess cream. It is really effective as a moisturiser and stops my skin getting really sore! Another plus for Coloplast! Brava Barrier Cream

Although I have yet yo really try the Strip Paste I suspect the may also do a good job! So well done Coloplast for what seems to be a brilliant range of Stoma accessories. You can check out the whole Brava range here: Brava Accessories

I do enjoy the trial and erro of new products ... It can be frustrating but when you find something that really works and that makes a difference to living with a Stoma it is really rewarding!


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